Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Uses of Validation Rules

A feature of SalesForce that is well developed, but not always used extensively by customers, is Validation Rules!

Validation Rules, at their simplest, allow you to enforce data quality rules.  That means that you can ensure that certain fields are filled out (when another field is filled out) or the format of the data is in the format you want.  Here are some samples of how you could use Validation Rules:

  • Disable Users with certain profiles from editing a record when certain values are chosen on a record.
  • Force Users to enter a value in a field when a certain field is populated.  This is different then making a field a required field in the page layout since you can choose with a validation rule, to only have the field required if a different field is chosen.
  • Force Users to enter data in pre-defined formats
  • Force Users to enter data of a certain length
  • Force Dates entered to be in the future, or in the past specifically
There is a whole number of things you can do with Validation Rules!  You can learn more about Validation Rules from the SalesForce Help Documentation

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