Monday, April 28, 2014

Translations within SalesForce

For those of you that haven't discovered, SalesForce has a very comprehensive translation ability to allow you to customize the application to your users and their language.  Unlike some systems where you simply change the language and are stuck with incorrect translations for some words, with SalesForce you can fully customize what translations are used.

This customization of the translations is done through the Translation Workbench.  The Translation Workbench lets you specify languages you want to translate, assign translators to languages, create translations for customizations you’ve made to your Salesforce organization, and override labels and translations from managed packages. Everything from custom picklist values to custom fields can be translated so your global users can use all of Salesforce in their language.

You should definitely check out this feature if you need to do any translations whatsoever, either in the core SalesForce application, or in your Customer Portal/Community.