Monday, August 24, 2015

SalesForce Sales Consultant Certification

A few weeks ago I decided that I should complete the SalesForce Sales Cloud Consultant exam.  I felt like I needed to complete this certification to round out my SalesForce experience.  This is because the SalesForce Sales Consultant forced me to really understand all the Sales Cloud tools that SalesForce offers.

While the Sales Cloud tools are the some of the longest standing features in SalesForce, they are ones that I wasn't as comfortable I knew as well as I could.  So it was great to do the certification.  From the certification, I learned the following to help you potentially study for the exam:

  • Record Types/Page Layouts - Make sure you understand when you would need to use different record types and page layouts, versus potentially just using two different record types with one page layout.  Basically, if the requirement requires different fields to visible for different processes, then you need multiple record types and page layouts
  • Security - Make sure you understand how OWD (Organizational Wide Defaults) work.  There are a lot of questions about who would have access in this situation.  Make sure you know how the hierarchy also effects OWD. 
  • Quotes - Make sure you understand how quotes work, specifically around synching with opportunities
  • Forecasts - Make sure you can explain how the two different types of forecasts work
  • Understand Sales - Make sure you understand how Sales work.  For example, if an organization is curious why they aren't converting as many leads as they previously did, what report would you use (e.g. Lead Source, etc.)
Overall the exam is a challenging one if you don't know the Sales Cloud and everything it offers.