Thursday, October 2, 2014

Think about the End User

With SalesForce, it is very easy to create great systems using their declarative. interface.  And of course if the custom fields and page layouts don’t work meet your needs you have other options like Apex and VisualForce.  All of these let you create a system and interface that is customized to your business.  

However, something we don’t often keep in mind is the end user.  We have to keep the end user and their needs, and ease of use in mind.  Without that focus, you can end up creating systems in SalesForce, or any system, that don’t really make the end user’s life any easier.  It should always be a primary concern and focus to ensure that the system you have designed is focused on the end user.  Make it simple and easy to use.  And perhaps most important, make sure the technology and system you are implementing save the user’s time.  Otherwise, the adoption will never gain transaction and the investment you have made will not return the benefits you require.