Monday, February 13, 2017

Implementing Spring 17 Release

Over the weekend most of the Salesforce orgs have gone live with the Salesforce Spring 17 release.  You can check if your Salesforce instance went live with Spring 17 by doing any of the following:

  • When logging into Salesforce, go into the SALES app and look in the top left corner.  If the logo shows a rainbow, you are on Spring 17.  If you still see a snowman, then you are still on Winter 17
  • Visit the Salesforce Status Page where you can find your instance.  Upon doing so, you can see if your instance had a major release.
Sample of the Salesforce Status Page for an Instance
If you are lucky enough to be on Salesforce Spring 17, then you start to enable the new features.  Of course, you should first try them in a Sandbox first.  You can find the complete release notes here as well as reviewing our recommendations on what to enable:


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