Monday, January 16, 2017

Salesforce Spring 17 Service Cloud Improvements

With the Spring 17 Salesforce release coming, we are doing a multi-part blog post on the many exciting features forthcoming.  You can see our previous blog post on the changes coming to the Sales Cloud.

The key features that we will be covering are:
  • Lightning Console
  • Lightning Knowledge
  • Omni Channel Supervisor
  • Re-Captcha for Forms

Salesforce Lightning Console
Salesforce has finally introduced Lightning to the Console.  With the Salesforce Lightning Console service agents can finally take advantage of Lightning Experience.  With the Salesforce Console in Lightning you can now leverage more of the Case Feed, Chatter Actions, Branding and more.

Also recently introduced to Lightning is Salesforce Knowledge.  While there are some limitations (listed here) for organizations with complex knowledge configurations, for those just starting to use Salesforce Knowledge it is a viable choice.   Having Salesforce Knowledge in Lightning brings a more modern user interface to Knowledge (which has needed a UI refresh).

For those of you that are already using Omni Channel, an exciting new feature is finally available - Omni Channel Supervisor.  Omni Channel supervisor will let your supervisors see a complete overview of the work coming in via Omni Channel.  For those of you not yet using Omni Channel, you should.  Omni Channel gives you the ability to assign work, on just about any object, in a scalable way.  You can learn more about Omni Channel here.

On the Web to Case forms, not much has changed, nor has it needed to.  That is because the Web to Case forms do what they need to.  However, there was always the high risk of SPAM leads coming in from bots.  Well, no more.  You can now, out of the box, have a CAPTCHA code on your Web to Case form.  You can see the complete release details here on this feature here

To learn more about when Spring 17 will be available in your org, you can visit the Salesforce Status Page ( and on the right side you will see the dates the Spring Release is being introduced to your Salesforce instance.   


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