Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Salesforce Spring 17 App Cloud Improvements

With the Spring 17 Salesforce release coming, we are doing a multi-part blog post on the many exciting features forthcoming.  You can see our previous blog post on the changes coming to the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

The key features that we will be covering are:
  • Lightning Record Type/Profile Assignment
  • Approvals Consistency
  • Picklist Administration
With Salesforce Lightning Record Type/Profile Assignment, you now have more granular control on how the Pages (i.g. Think the old Salesforce Classic Page Layouts) display.  Previously with Salesforce Lightning, you could only control the Page assignment by App.  Now you can also customize it based on App, Record Type, and User Profile.  You can see the complete details of this exciting new feature here.  

New Approvals Widget
For those of you who have used Approvals, there are two great enhancements coming.  The first is that you no longer have to remember to add the "Submit for Approval" button (on Page Layouts).  This is done automatically for you now.  And second, in Lightning, you can now have a widget on your home page that shows all your Approval Requests (as well as an Approvals Request tab).  You can see how to enable both of these features here.  

New Approval Requests ta
For those of you that have already started to use Global Picklists, there is now the ability to tie the values to Record Types.  This is great and gives you more control.  That being said, there is isn't a way to migrate a current picklist to using a Global Picklist.  That being said, we have heard that is forthcoming soon!

To learn more about when Spring 17 will be available in your org, you can visit the Salesforce Status Page ( and on the right side you will see the dates the Spring Release is being introduced to your Salesforce instance.   


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