Friday, December 11, 2015

Quick Implementation Tips: Standard Settings

Having helped implement a number of SalesForce systems for customers, I have learned some best practices/tips that can make an implementation go much easier.  This is the second post about this topic.  You can read the first one here about profiles.

In this post I will start the tips I have learned around standard system settings to ensure that are setup.  All of these are in SETUP
  • Setup>Build>Customize>User Interface.  Commonly the "Enable Collapsible Sidebar" is not enabled automatically.  I usually enable this so that you can ensure users can maximize their screen space.
  • Setup>Build>Customize>User Interface.  Commonly the "Enhanced Profile User Interface" is not enabled automatically.  I usually enable this so that the user's have the best experience when editing their profiles
  • Setup>Administer>Security Controls>Password Policies.  Commonly the User Passwords expiring every 90 days is too often for some organizations.  I usually change this to 180 days.  I also usually change the Lockout Effective Period to Forever so that administrators have to unlock a user after 5 wrong passwords
  • Setup>Administer>Security Controls>Login Access Policies.  Commonly the "Administrators Can Log In as Any User" feature is not enabled.  I always enable this so that once the client goes live, I can easily log in as a user if they are having issues and troubleshoot them with ease.
  • Setup>Administer>Company Profile>Company Information.  For most clients, they would benefit from using multiple currencies but don't know this feature exists.  And enabling after they are live has it's own challenges.  So usually I will check the box to "Allow Support to Activate Multiple Currencies" and I will also log a case to get this feature turned on
  • Setup>Administer>Communication Templates>Letterheads.  Commonly there is no letterhead ever created; however, users have the ability to create email templates that use the letterhead (but unfortunately don't have the ability to edit said letterhead).  So I always create a basic letterhead so if a user does go in to create an email template using the letterhead it at least looks presentable.
  • Setup>Administer>Domain Management>My Domain.  Most clients, over time, will require their own domain within SalesForce to enable some features (e.g.  So, rather than waiting for that time to come I get this setup at the start so that users don't need to update bookmarks, etc. in the future.
Those are the common settings I always change.  In the next post I will discuss some of the report and view changes I usually make.  


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