Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Most of you have likely heard about SalesFprce Trailhead. But if you haven't, you are missing out on a great resource in your SalesForce tool belt. 

SalesForce Trailhead is a free to use, self driven, educational tool available to all SalesForce users. Unlike the SalesForce training videos, Trailhead is designed more for those who like to read with some audio visual content.  But where it lacks in audio visual content, it makes us with the self driven exercises to test your knowledge. At the end of each module, which is probably a thousand words or less, you will have a comprehension quiz. Some of these are multiple choice questions, but many force you to actually build out something in your org and then Trailhead validates if you did it correct. This is a great way to learn, especially with software, since it's hands on. 

Even after using SalesForce for ten plus years, I have found the sessions useful. There are about 55 sessions/modules at the time of writing this. They cover basic things that a basic user would want like Accounts & Contacts, to advanced developer concepts like how to use Lightning components. 

And best of all is the gamification of it all. After each quiz/module you get points based on how many attempts it took you to answer the questions correctly. And then from there you get badges as a reward for completing a module. Although they are no replacement for SalesForce certification, these badges given you something to show in your office that you know SalesForce and are a go to resource.

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