Monday, November 30, 2015

Sales Path....a useful selling tool

With the recent Winter '16 release, all SalesForce users (using the Lightning experience/interface) now have access to a valuable new sales tool - Sales Path!

Sales Path is a tool that sits in the Opportunities view and gives your Sales Team information on what they need to succeed at each stage of the opportunity.

Screenshot of Sales Path

First, to use Sales Path you need to have a thoroughly defined Sales Process.  It is only with that Sales Process well defined that you can really leverage Sales Path.  That's because at each stage of an opportunity Sales Path displays "Key Fields" and "Guidance for Success".  The Key Fields is a list of fields, that you define, that should be completed prior to moving the opportunity to the next stage.  These fields could be anything (including your custom opportunity fields) and ensure that your sales team captures the right information at the right time.  The Guidance for Success are sales tips that come from senior sales members that the whole sales team can use to help them through each stage.

Sales Path is a very easy tool to configure and shouldn't take more than an hour to get up and running once you, as an administrator, has the fields and tips per stage.

Overall it is a great tool to make selling easier in Lightning!

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