Friday, October 23, 2015

Cirrus Insight vs SalesForce for Outlook

A common use case with SalesForce is needing the ability to integrate your email and calendar.  And because of that there is many tools that can help you do it.  Two of the common ones are Cirrus Insight and SalesForce for Outlook.  But, given that, what makes one of them a better choice than the other?

Well, let's look at the pros of Cirrus Insight:

  • It's in the cloud - it automatically updates itself as needed.  With SalesForce for Outlook you have to do this manually
  • It's available for more users - since Cirrus works right in Google Apps, along with Office 365.  Unfortunately SalesForce for Outlook only works with Outlook
  • It provides more in-depth information, from SalesForce, about what is going on.
So, given the above, what is the benefits of SalesForce for Outlook?  Well, compared to Cirrus Insight there isn't much SalesForce for Outlook can do that Cirrus can't.  But SalesForce has other tools in their arsenal.  An example of one is SalesForce IQ.  SalesForce IQ integrates with Google Apps and provides many of the same features as Cirrus.  So it will be interesting to see what else happens in this space.  


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