Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Lightning Experience

SalesForce, as part of their Winter release, is going to be updating the interface within SalesForce.  This is great news as the UI within SalesForce was starting to look dated.  Instead, it will now leverage the Lightning method that was first introduced to support SalesForce1.

Sample of the Opportunity List

As you can see from the above screenshot, a big aspect of the change is getting rid of the tabs along the top of the screen.  Instead, the tab icons (often of which seemed pointless to setup before) now have a purpose.  Additionally, on a list view, you can see a report of details on the list.

Sales Path available in Desktop SalesForce
You will have the ability to enable the new Lightning experience in the Winter '16 release.  Of course, with a change like this, you will want to make sure that your user base is aware of the forthcoming change.

New Setup Menu
Over the subsequent releases you will likely see more and more of the UI move into this new format.  Although the SETUP home page shows in the new UI, most of the other setup screens will still have the old look to them, for now.

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