Friday, December 5, 2014

Tackling Homelessness with SalesForce and a Consumer App

With a platform as large as SalesForce, there are bound to be interesting use cases.  However, once of the more interesting ones I have heard is about HomelessLink.  They help people who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless, in the UK.

Where I think they are brilliant in their use of SalesForce is around using the Service Console to manage "cases" coming in of homeless.  This could be from someone calling their call centre, or using their Street Link website, or even their iPhone App.

From the above sources, they are able to go out and meet homeless people and potentially help them. Furthermore, because this is all in a CRM, they could easily make maps of where homeless areas are to ensure other government programs are applied to the area.  Or, they could even easily report on homeless they have helped for funding considerations.

While there are many ways to use SalesForce, this is one that helps those who are really less fortunate and may have never heard of SalesForce!  But, because of the SalesForce Foundation, they are being help!  You can see all the details from the case study.


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