Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SalesForce1 Winter Enhancements

The upcoming SalesForce Winter 15 has many exciting enhancements coming to SalesForce1.  They include:

  • SalesForce1 Configuration Wizard (for Administrators) - when you first click on SalesForce1 in the Setup menu (in a regular browser on desktop/laptop) you will be provided a visual workflow of the settings to configure.  Presently you have to navigate across a number of different menus!
  • SalesForce1 List Customization - users can now create or customize existing views (for Leads, Contacts, etc.) on mobile.  This will help decrease the number of views since users won't need to have special views just for mobile.  Users can also now sort the records
  • SalesForce1 Quick Action Toolbar - To make SalesForce1 easier for users there is now a quick action toolbar (see bottom of screenshots below).  This will make it easier for users to perform key actions they need.

Keep watching this blog for more information about the Winter 15 Release

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