Friday, September 5, 2014

SalesForce Winter 15 Sales Cloud Enhanacements

SalesForce has a number of exciting enhancements coming to the Sales Cloud.  They include the following exciting enhancements:

  • Duplicate Checking - Finally, SalesForce has released Duplicate Checking natively in the system.  No third party applications are needed.  Of course, it still is in Beta and doesn't support Custom Objects, etc. yet.  But, it is still forward moving progress!
  • Convert Leads on SalesForce1 - Sales Reps on the go can now review leads (which they already could do), but also convert them, all on their mobile!
  • Territory and Forecasting Enhancements - In a constant effort to enhance the Territory and Forecasting functionality in SalesForce, many important enhancements coming.  They include a more logic configuration of Territory Management and allowing Forecasting Revenue Splits!
There is many enhancements coming to the Service Cloud too.  We will be posting about them soon!

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