Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Orders Object

In the summer release of SalesForce (i.e. SalesForce Summer 14) a new standard object has been introduced - Orders.  Now, anyone familiar with SalesForce will know that the addition of a Standard Object isn't a common occurrence unless there is some work SalesForce is doing to the "core" to solve common user/admin challenges have.

In this case, SalesForce is trying to give its users a standard way to track the actual orders (either increases/decreases) that have come in from the Sales or Account Mangement team.

Like an SalesForce object, you have the usual customization options available around Fields, Page Layouts, Validation Rules and more.  Additionally, with this new standard object, it already has a direct relationship with the Opportunity and Contracts object.  Unfortunately, neither of these objects can automatically create an order (you still need a developer to help with this).

Essentially, with the Orders object, SalesForce has set it up so that the requests come in (by way of an Opportunity or Contract), are then approved/rejected (by your services team) and then completed.  As a result, out of the box, they have an Orders status and Approval process embedded with this object.

While this new standard object is useful, for some smaller organizations, the tracking of both an Order, and the Opportunity, could result in more work.  However, it does introduce the ability to have better historic reporting for auditing on who authorized certain upgrades/downgrades to client.

To read about all the options you can setup you can review the SalesForce Orders Object help page.  


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