Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scheduling SalesForce Reports and Dashboards

Many administrators, and users, don't know that you can automate the sending of reports and dashboards to user groups.

And best of all, this is all available using SalesForce out of the box.  

To set this up, you first need to make a report.  From there, when you click on 'Run Report', you can click on 'Schedule Future Runs'.  From there, you can then schedule the report to go out automatically to users at a pre-defined timeframe.

The same can be done for Dashboards.  This option is available after you have built a dashboard.  From there, you have to choose 'Schedule Refresh' when you are in the dashboard.

Now, for both of these options, it is important to keep in mind that when you schedule a dashboard or report like that, it shows the records accessible to who scheduled the dashboard.  That means you could send a scheduled report/dashboard and show records other users may not have access to.  That is important to keep in mind.

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