Thursday, July 31, 2014

Different Types of File Storage Options

In SalesForce, you have a number of different ways to manage files.  However, do you know which way is the most appropriate way for your needs?   It is pretty simple!

  • SalesForce/Chatter Files
    The SalesForce/Chatter Files, located either when you attach a file in Chatter, or go under Files, is designed to store the files you share internally.  While very similar to the CRM Content, the SalesForce/Chatter Files has the additional ability of allowing for syncing of files between a user's desktop and SalesForce (via SalesForce Files sync)
  • CRM Content
    The CRM Content, located under the Libraries and Content tab, are useful for managing documents where there are frequent changes and sharing.  This would be common for files used for Sales & Marketing collateral.  The CRM Content functionality handles versioning, comments (from users), and sharing with ease.  Files here can be up to 2 GB.
  • Documents
    The Documents, while one of the oldest SalesForce modules, is probably the one most incorrectly used.  It is designed to host images and files that are hosted on your website or in your Community/Customer Portal.  It shouldn't be used for managing files and Sales Collateral.  That's because the size of the documents that can be hosted here are limited to 5MB.
  • Attachments
    Under any record, there is the Notes and Attachments related list.  Any files uploaded under this related list are stored in the Attachments section.  Like Documents, you are limited to 5MB.


  1. It shouldn't be used for managing files and Sales Collateral. That's because the size of the documents that can be hosted here are limited to 5MB.file server

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