Thursday, June 12, 2014

Receiving a SalesForce Certification offers a fairly comprehensive certification program.  This program helps administrators, developers and architects of SalesForce systems become recognized for their skills.  These certifications are very beneficial, especially when you are thinking of changing jobs or starting your own "SalesForce Consulting Firm".  That is because they are consistent and recognized world-wide.

I personally have done four of the seven certifications available.  I have done the Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Developer and Service Cloud Architect certifications.  There is still the Advanced Developer, Sales Cloud Architect, and Technical Architect certifications.  

With any of these certifications, I found I learned a tremendous amount about SalesForce by achieving each certification.  This is because as you are studying for the certification you learn about other features/tools available in SalesForce that your organization may not be using.  

Once you get one of these certifications, with each release, you will have to do a "maintenance exam" with every SalesForce release.   There is basically one maintenance exam for Administrators (and its related certifications including Advanced Administrator and Service Cloud Architect) and one for Developers.  They take about 20 minutes per release to do.

For those of you thinking about doing a certification, I recommend visiting the following sites:


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