Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The First Company To Secure Your Business...

At the recent SalesForce1 World Tour in London, an interesting idea was proposed.  It revolved around the fact when a business secures a new customer, you can often have that customer for life.  However, to do so, the business has to offer something to the market faster or better than a competitor.  As a result of that, customers are often drawn to that company and consider doing business with them.  If that company can keep that constant innovation going, and deliver the customer service needed, they have an amazing opportunity to keep that customer for life.

As a result of this above statement, it is important to remember how a CRM can help you do this.  Between Cases (that allow you to deliver quick customer service), Ideas (where you can track and manage innovation) and Opportunities (where you can track sales data), your CRM can help manage all of this for you and help your business grow.


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